Vietnam sets up voluntary association to combat counterfeiting


Despite the fact that Vietnamese IP legislation complies with the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights and the government is working hard to enforce IP rights, infringement and counterfeiting are still widespread in Vietnam. To deal with the mounting challenges in this area, the Interior Ministry of Vietnam has issued Decision 22/2004/QD-BNV on the Establishment of the Vietnam Association for Anti-counterfeiting and Trademark Protection (known as the VATAP).

The VATAP is a voluntary association of Vietnamese economic organizations (i) governed by a charter approved by the interior minister, and (ii) supervised by the Ministry of Trade. The VATAP currently has 130 members and aims to:

  • represent the interests of its members in cooperation with other economic organizations and the relevant authorities with regards to anti-counterfeiting and trademark protection activities;

  • take an active part in investigations to find the parties responsible for the manufacture and trade of counterfeits;

  • facilitate the exchange of information of methods for (i) combating counterfeiting, and (ii) establishing and protecting trademarks;

  • help its members to avoid trademark infringement and protect their rights;

  • provide its members with information on government policy, laws and regulations relating to the prevention of counterfeiting and trademark protection; and

  • propose measures to the relevant authorities to help combat counterfeiting and protect trademarks.

Le Hoai Duong, LÊ & LÊ, Hanoi

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