USPTO revises examination guide; UKIPO Brexit update; football and fakes; tips for a successful trademark career; plus much more

USPTO revises examination guide; UKIPO Brexit update; football and fakes; tips for a successful trademark career; plus much more

Everything we covered on WTR over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the world of trademarks to set yourself up for the start of another busy week.

MONDAY 2nd September

We sat down with Daren Tang, chief executive of the IP Office of Singapore, to get the inside track on how the registry is evolving to play a bigger role in the country’s business environment. Read more here.

The chief executive of branding firm Eat My Words, Alexandra Watkins, talked to WTR about the challenges that companies face when identifying new brand names in a world where millions of new trademark applications are filed annually. Read more here.

TUESDAY 3rd September

We asked the elite of the global trademark industry for tips and advice for those embarking on – or in the early stages of – a career in trademark law. Read more here.

In our round-up of news, we looked at stories including the response to a cease and desist letter that went viral, the Cayman Islands IP Office working with the US government, and a UN ambassador calling for an IP law review in Nigeria. Read more here.

WEDNESDAY 4th September

We analysed a new Singapore High Court decision involving the use of the term ‘tartan’ on whisky bottles, which clarified the limits of the country’s 1999 Singapore Geographical Indications Act. Talking exclusively to WTR, the Scotch Whisky Association describes the decision as “very welcome”. Read more here.

With expert insights from a major law firm, we revealed five physical markets in Uruguay that rights holders should have on their counterfeit enforcement radar. Read more here.

THURSDAY 5th September

The UK Intellectual Property Office shed new light on its Brexit preparations in two new reports, which led to a renewed call for the position of UK trademark attorneys in the event of a no-deal Brexit to be addressed “as a matter of urgency”. Read more here.

For the final part of our series of articles based on interviews with the elite of the global trademark industry, a range of corporate and law firm experts explained what effective leadership in the IP field looks like. Read more here.

Earlier this week, the ‘Football Against Fakes 2019’ event discussed anti-counterfeiting work in the sports industry. In an exclusive guest post, brand protection consultant Stephen Connolly revealed insights from the event and takeaways for brand owners. Read more here.

FRIDAY 6th September

In an exclusive, we looked at the USPTO’s release of a heavily revised examination guide that clarifies the registry’s new US attorney rule. The revision followed backlash due to examination instructions that required some applicants to submit proof of legal residence in the United States. Read more here.

We got reaction to the Court of Justice of the European Union ruling in favour of plaintiffs suing online infringers in the member state they acquired the product. Read more here.

In our Friday round-up, we looked at stories including KFC being dragged into UK politics, the EU responding to long trademark applications, the CEO of WeWork returning a “trademark payment” to the company, Ariana Grande suing Forever 21. Read more here.

Plus, we published 10 Legal Update articles, examining key trademark decisions from across the globe:

  • Dominican Republic Patent Trademark Office rejects a cancellation action lodged by Jottin Cury against the trade name Jottin Cury & Asociados. Read more here.
  • Heartbreak hotel: UDRP complainant fails to obtain transfer of ‘’. Read more here.
  • Significant amendments to Estonian trademark legislation enter into force. Read more here.
  • BEAUTY BAY trademark not infringed by BEAUTY & THE BAY. Read more here.
  • INDECOPI offers training for influencers to prevent potential IP infringement. Read more here.
  • Assessing the balance of convenience in interim injunctions to prevent passing off. Read more here.
  • Rhyme as the reason: Seventh Circuit’s decision in SportFuel Inc v PepsiCo Inc. Read more here.
  • Trademarks and Thailand’s new medicinal cannabis sector. Read more here.
  • New law creates protection for historical trademarks but fails to define key measures. Read more here.
  • Dutch court of appeal sets up confidentiality club in IP proceedings. Read more here.

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