US company successfully defends brand against Russian infringers

Russian Federation
US chemical company DuPont has been successful in a trademark infringement action against two Russian companies that sold cookware under the brand name Teflon.

In April 2010 the Moscow State Arbitration Court ruled against Russian company Domtek and its retail outlet ZAO Pilot Ltd, which imported and sold cookware bearing the trademark TEFLON. The court ordered the two companies to pay approximately €18,000 ($23,000) in damages to DuPont and immediately to cease using the brand name Teflon on their products.

The defendants filed an appeal in June 2010, but the Moscow Ninth Arbitration Appeal Court upheld the lower court’s decision. In particular, the Appeal Court held that:
  • TEFLON is a well-known mark in Russia; and
  • the unlawful use of the mark by the defendants misled consumers as to the quality of the products and caused financial losses to DuPont.
Following the decision, Phil Bardsley, DuPont’s sales manager for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, stated as follows:

"Our message to brand infringers and product counterfeiters continues to be that DuPont will not tolerate any abuse of the Teflon brand. We will continue to aggressively pursue claims against those who misuse it."

Jelena Jankovic, PETOŠEVIC, Belgrade

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