Trademark electronic application system is launched

On November 18 2012 the Iranian Trademarks Registry launched a trademark electronic application system which allows trademark applications to be submitted online. This development follows the successful inauguration of an electronic application system for patents and industrial designs a few months ago.

Currently, the trademarks, patents and industrial design registries accept electronic filings only for applications. There have been no changes in the filing procedures or formalities requirements, but a new application number format will be assigned automatically by the electronic application system. The original supporting documents (ie, power of attorney and the applicant’s incorporation document) must still be submitted to the office in hard copy.

The electronic platform for the filing of trademark applications and workflow system are available at ''. The platform is designed only in Persian and no English version is available yet.

The system allows the examination, correspondence, publication and registration procedures to be carried out electronically. However, opposition, hearing, renewal, assignment and licence recordation procedures are handled manually as before.

The Iranian Patent Office and Industrial Design Office launched an electronic application system a few months ago. The electronic platforms for the filing of patent and industrial design applications and workflow system are available only in Persian, also at ''.

Over the next few years, the Iranian Industrial Property Office will be gradually shifting to completely paperless procedures in a phased manner.

Mohammad Badamchi, HAMI Legal Services, Tehran 

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