From the WTR archive: Law firm marketing

For our latest delve into WTR’s unrivalled archive of trademark content, we present a selection of articles focused on the development and marketing of law firm brands and offerings.

For our latest delve into WTR’s unrivalled archive of trademark content, we present a selection of articles focused on the development and marketing of law firm brands and offerings.

The role of brands in the trademark legal services market (July 2013)

With external counsel under acute pressure to provide a wider range of services at more cost-effective price points, trademark law firms and practitioners are increasingly seeking to differentiate themselves in the market. In 2013 we explored whether brands are the answer. Read more here.

Changing attitudes to marketing in Latin American law firms (August 2016)

With an increasingly competitive IP legal market in Latin America, law firms have had to develop marketing activity that stands out from the crowd. In 2016 Nicholas Richardson, head of research for the WTR 1000, looked at how Latin American IP law firms, big and small, have evolved their marketing in recent years, concluding: “Some practitioners still think of themselves as doctors, and that when people have legal problems, they will come to knock on their door. But in today’s marketplace, that is simply not the case. However, there has been a massive shift in attitudes towards marketing, and many sophisticated firms are stepping up their investment in business development in order to stay competitive.” Read more here.

Developing a business development mindset – how to approach marketing (May 2019)

From conference networking and business trips to speaking events and writing prospects, there are a host of opportunities that can be leveraged to raise the profile of your trademark practice and its partners. So which business development activities should you use to make money? IP business development coach Phil Cox answered this question last year. Read more here.

Decoding the Chinese legal market (September 2020)

Successful marketing is predicated on knowledge of what your prospective clients are looking for. With fierce rivalry between domestic and foreign outfits, as well as different types of law firm and agency entities, choosing a partner in China can be a daunting prospect. In this feature-length analysis we gathered exclusive client feedback to reveal what clients are looking for and how they source legal partners. Read more here.

How to use LinkedIn to promote trademark insight (December 2020)

LinkedIn has always been a handy tool for legal professionals to network through. However, in a year where online communication has almost totally replaced in-person interactions, understanding the medium is more crucial than ever before. WTR spoke to three trademark experts on how they have utilised the platform and the benefits that it can bring. Read more here.

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