From the WTR archive: INTA Annual Meeting highlights

This weekend the trademark community was meant to gather in Singapore for the 2020 INTA Annual Meeting. In light of the covid-19 pandemic, that event was (rightly) postponed and Houston is now set to host the world’s biggest gathering of trademark professionals in November. As a reminder of what makes the Annual Meeting such a must-attend event, we delved into the WTR archive for what is quite the trip down memory lane.

It’s fun to stay at the INTA (2006)

In the aftermath of the 2006 gathering in Toronto, we asked a number of attendees to share their experiences. We were regaled with tales of covert badge checking, reception hopping, numerous meetings and “the INTA shuffle”. In short, just the usual INTA Annual Meeting experience. Read more here.

A Chicago medley (2007)

The “screaming Thomson monkey” may have been the most popular exhibition freebie, but the Chicago INTA meeting, attended by more than 8,500 delegates from over 140 countries, offered so much more. We asked six attendees from across the globe for their highlights. Read more here.

Sleepless in Seattle (2009)

After a 10-year absence, INTA’s showcase event returned to Seattle for what was deemed to be the “greenest annual meeting” ever. With the environment front of mind, INTA highlighted the special theme of corporate social responsibility – a subject that has been central to its mission in the years since. Read more here.

More than a tea party (2010)

Coming as the tail end of a global recession, the 2010 INTA meeting suggested that trademark practice was certainly rebounding; firm receptions and parties were in full swing and the conference had a discernible buzz. Read more here.

INTA-related – the brands and trademarks nexus (2012)

The 2012 Annual Meeting in Washington DC was notable for the launch of INTA’s Unreal campaign, which, to this day, continues to educate teenagers about the value of trademarks and the negative effects of counterfeiting. It also featured a fascinating opening address from Leonard A Lauder, chair emeritus of The Estee Lauder Company, who explained how the cosmetics giant had built on its vision of a multinational, multi-brand organisation. Read more here.

Rainy with a chance of more rain (2014)

Ask anyone for their recollection of the first INTA Annual Meeting in Asia and the weather is sure to get a mention. It was wet. Wetter than wet. But Hong Kong offered so much more, from a video welcome from Jackie Chan to a closing gala at Disneyland – and a packed agenda of conference sessions, meetings and receptions in between. More than one delegate also took the opportunity to check out the fake goods available in local markets. Read more here.

San Diego offers a sunnier welcome (2015)

A year later San Diego brought sunnier skies and culminated in the trademark community taking over the Gaslamp Quarter for an evening of drinking and dancing. The neighbourhood now knows what to expect when we hit town for the 2021 gathering. Read more here.

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