From the WTR archive: inside technology brands

From the WTR archive: inside technology brands

This week on WTR we spoke to Tiki Dare, assistant general counsel at Oracle, who described how to form close relationships both within the corporate environment and in the wider IP network. For our latest delve into WTR’s unrivalled archive of trademark content, we present a selection of articles focused on technology brands.

Branding the invisible (May 2007)

In 2007 Intel was one of the best-known companies on the planet, despite building manufacturing components that most consumers will never even see. One contributor to its visibility among the public was its early harnessing of the power of a sound mark, with Ruby Zefo, then director of trademark and brands legal at the company, telling us: “Wherever I travel people have heard of it… It was a very innovative branding strategy for an ingredient company. We noticed other ingredient companies are doing the same thing now.” Sometimes in the tech space, being an innovator is what counts. Read more here.

A two-pronged approach to brand positioning (January 2013)

In 2013 the news broke that Chinese personal computer manufacturer Lenovo was planning to reorganise its product offering into two distinct brands: items aimed largely at home users shopping at the more affordable end of the spectrum would be sold under the Lenovo name, while those at the high end would be marketed to business consumers under the Think brand. We explored the question of whether the decision to separately promote the Think name – which it acquired from IBM – would help the company gain a bigger market share globally and pondered the lessons that could be learned from such two-pronged marketing strategies. As one marketing specialist told us: “Having more than one brand in a global business is almost requisite these days.” Read more here.

Keeping up with innovation (July 2015)

This month, Western Digital was named the Technology and Consumer Electronics Team of the Year at the 2020 WTR Industry Awards. It is not the first time that the group has walked away with the accolade. Five years ago, after its success at the 2015 awards, we spoke to Cynthia Tregillis, then senior director, brand enforcement and trademark law, about how the team manages to keep pace with the company’s innovation levels. She reflected: “A successful registration/prosecution strategy has to be aligned with the business – not only the current one, but also the developing business. Because most of the world is based on a first-to-file system, trademark departments must be proactive and work closely with stakeholders to identify and protect future brand developments. With a small team, it’s also important to work with other attorneys within the department to identify developments in the business that may require trademark support.” Read more here.

Filings down but value up (May 2018)

In this exclusive data analysis focused on the technology landscape, we found that while trademark filings among the major tech companies had generally fallen over the past five years, their brand value had rocketed. Crucially, though, the filings that were being lodged highlighted how the major tech firms are diversifying and reaching out into new areas. Read more here.

Amazon, Apple and Google lead most valuable brands list (February 2019)

Last year, Brand Finance analysis revealed that, of the value residing in the world’s 500 most valuable brands, almost a quarter (23%) came from the technology sector. In fact, six of the top seven most valuable brands (Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung and Facebook) were from the technology space. Read more here.

Tech companies in the WTR Brand Elite continue upward march (August 2020)

This year, Amazon made history as the first brand in the Brand Finance Global 500 list to exceed the $200 billion value mark. Soon after it became the first publicly traded US company to reach a $2 trillion market cap, the company having seen its stock more than double from its 23 March low. Against this backdrop, it should not be a surprise that computing and software companies in the WTR Brand Elite – which tracks the financial performance of more than 100 brand-focused companies – continued to register the strongest financial performance. Read more here.

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