From the WTR archive: brand valuation challenges and opportunities

This week INTA released its "Brand Value Special Task Force Report", exploring brand valuation practices and providing a blueprint on how trademark professionals can – and should – be placed at the centre of the brand valuation conversation. The debate over brand valuation methodologies, applications and rankings tables has been ongoing for some time. This week, we delved into our unrivalled archive of strategic trademark content to identify some of the pieces that we have published on the topic over the past decade.    

ISO launches a brand valuation standard… (November 2010)

After a lengthy consultation period, the International Organisation for Standardisation published ISO 10668, which was expected to help trademark owners to measure and monitor the value of their brands as an important intangible asset. Read more here.

... but opinions were split over its impact (January 2011)

In an in-depth examination of brand valuation models and practice, Gabriela Salinas, Deloitte's global brand manager, said that while it will help the industry’s credibility, “ISO 10668 will not take us straight out of the jungle into the brand valuation’s Garden of Eden”. Read more here.

How brand value recovered from recession (May 2011)

Analysis of the Brand Finance Global 500 evidenced a recovery in brand value following global recession. Read more here.

China ups the ante (February 2014)

Following the publication of a list of China’s most valuable brands, we examined the role that the country was playing towards further professionalism of the brand valuation sector itself. Read more here.

Research sparks a war of words (April 2015)

A white paper comparing the brand valuations published in league tables from different companies with those cited in market transactions stirred up arguments over brand valuation methodologies. Read more here

Do corporate trademark lawyers have a “cultural problem”? (October 2016)

A passionate debate at WTR’s Managing Trademark Assets event in New York focused on whether revenue generation and value building should be front of mind for trademark counsel. Read more here.

A brand valuation face-off (November 2017)

After a war of words over the publication of brand valuation ranking tables escalated, we brought two of the most high-profile parties together to state their cases and gave each an opportunity to respond to the other. The result was thought provoking and, unsurprisingly, heated. Read more here.

Could the brand bubble be about to burst? (April 2020)  

In the current edition of WTR magazine Brand Finance’s David Haigh warns that slow growth and the covid-19 pandemic could mean that brands are on the brink of a global crash. However, there are lessons to be learnt from the last two economic slumps. Read more here.

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