As the trademark budget squeeze continues, get the inside track on maximising efficiencies and protection levels

World Trademark Review is pleased to announce the third annual Managing Trademark Assets. Held in Chicago on October 17, the event will drill down into the cost-effective management and communication of international portfolios. The focus comes against a backdrop of continued budgetary cuts for many corporate trademark counsel.

In the current edition of World Trademark Review, we present the findings of the 2017 Global Trademark Benchmarking Survey. Of the corporate counsel that we polled, over a quarter had experienced budget cuts over the past year, with 41% having seen finances frozen. Additionally, almost a fifth expect further cuts in the coming years. One result of this is that many teams are reviewing internal structures and the nature of the work they outsource to external counsel. Meanwhile, as in-house trademark teams look to manage time and budgets better, internal education appears to have taken a hit. The survey results indicate that the level of overall corporate awareness of the importance of a company’s trademarks has suffered a sharp fall. Most respondents now say that overall corporate appreciation of marks is at a “medium” level of awareness.

Reflecting this reality, the third annual Managing Trademark Assets is designed to provide in-house attendees with practical strategies for effectively managing international portfolios despite these budgetary constraints. Delegates will also receive updates on political developments and how to mitigate their impact on portfolios and strategies, and learn how best to communicate and present the trademark message to other groups within the business and garner increased support.

For those in private practice, as well as networking with peers from the corporate world, the event will offer insight into the changing corporate landscape, how corporate counsel are prioritising the challenges that they are facing and develop a deeper understanding of client needs.

The deep-dive sessions will cover:

  • The cost-effective and efficient management of trademarks, encompassing prosecution and enforcement efforts.
  • How to achieve, and utilise, protection for well-known marks in jurisdictions worldwide
  • Strategies and practical tips for fighting counterfeits on a finite budget.
  • How to ensure that the trademark message is effectively communicated to the wider business, shoring up support for the legal team’s efforts.
  • Managing portfolio risks and challenges emanating from the political environment.
  • New gTLDs and the rights protection considerations that emanate from the expanded online environment.
  • How to ethically and effectively managing brand reputation on social media.

Over the coming weeks we will unveil the trademark experts making up a stellar speaking faculty. Delegate places are strictly limited and attendance costs $795. However, readers of this blog can receive a discounted rate of $595 if they book before August 4 and use the code WTRBLOG. The registration form is available here

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