The future of online brand protection: complete our 2023 survey today

The future of online brand protection: complete our 2023 survey today

WTR is inviting the IP community to participate in a brief survey charting the course of online brand protection.

First launched in 2021 to gauge the impact of global lockdowns and the surge in online shopping, our survey revealed that 57% of respondents had experienced a rise in infringement.

Two years later, the online world has undergone significant transformations, ranging from Meta's investments in the metaverse to Elon Musk's headline-making acquisition of Twitter.

This edition of our short survey aligns with the current changes in the online space, making your participation not just valuable but essential. By contributing, trademark professionals can offer insights that deepen our understanding of digital threats, helping identify challenges and create proactive solutions. As tactics employed by malicious actors continually evolve, your participation can keep fellow professionals ahead of the curve in combating online threats.

What's in the survey?

  • Sentiments towards platform responses to infringement.
  • Tactics employed by malicious actors.
  • The changing threat levels in online marketplaces, social media and the metaverse.
  • And more.

Why participate?

  • Insider insights – dive into the latest trends and emerging threats in the trademark community.
  • Swift and painless – complete the free survey in just five minutes with optional opportunities to share your comments.
  • Confidentiality guaranteed – your responses will be handled confidentially, with only anonymised and aggregated data used for publication.

Why does your contribution matter?

The collective wisdom of WTR users is the bedrock of our quest to provide an accurate depiction of the current online brand protection landscape. In a digital world where threats to brand integrity are ever-present, your involvement in the WTR online brand protection survey is a proactive step towards safeguarding brands and IP rights.

Don't miss this chance to contribute to the knowledge pool and help chart the course for effective brand protection.

Click here to take the survey now and be a part of the movement for positive change online.

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