Thailand takes steps to join Madrid Protocol

Under the guidance of the Department of Intellectual Property (DIP), preparations are underway for Thailand to join the Madrid Protocol.
Currently, Thai trademark applicants are required to file individual applications to register their marks in each of the countries in which registration is sought. Entry to the Madrid Protocol will mean that Thai trademark applicants can obtain an international registration in several countries by submitting a single application to the Registration Office in Thailand.
Thailand has taken several significant steps to join the Madrid Protocol and to prepare for the implementation of the new procedures.
On August 2 2008 Thailand ratified the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property in preparation for entry into the Madrid System. In addition, the DIP proposed a Trademark Amendment Bill. If passed, this bill would harmonize domestic laws with Madrid Protocol regulations.
A working group has been set up by the DIP to study Thailand's accession to the Madrid Protocol. The DIP is also providing education to trademark officers, business operators and the general public about Madrid Protocol procedures. The DIP Information Technology System is also being developed to facilitate communication with the World Intellectual Property Organization.
As a member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, Thailand is required to become a signatory to the Madrid Protocol by 2015.
Anurag Ramanat and Sutthikorn Thepweerakul, JSM, Bangkok

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