TGI Fridays exclusive; new Amazon IP initiative; inside the McDonald’s brand portfolio; counterfeiting hotspots; plus much more.

TGI Fridays exclusive; new Amazon IP initiative; inside the McDonald’s brand portfolio; counterfeiting hotspots; plus much more.

Everything we covered on WTR over the last seven days – and all you need to know from the world of trademarks to set yourself up for the start of another busy week.

MONDAY 30th September

Continuing our deep data dive into filing activities at the top Asia-Pacific registries, we explore why, despite a recent decline in filings at Intellectual Property India, registration figures have skyrocketed – and reveal the top corporate and law firm filers at the office. Read more here.

In the latest instalment in our series focusing on marketplaces across the world that reportedly engage in the trade of counterfeit goods, we head to Turkey – revealing the physical markets that need to be on policing radars. Read more here.

TUESDAY 1st October

Amazon has announced the launch of its Intellectual Property Accelerator programme, which – with assistance from a panel of vetted law firms – is designed to help companies obtain IP rights more quickly and access the tech giant’s brand protection offerings. We spoke to Dharmesh Mehta, vice president of worldwide customer trust and partner support, who expanded on the aims of the scheme, how those IP firms were selected and the likelihood of a future international rollout. Read more here.

New research has estimated that the extension of plain packaging to alcohol and sugary drinks would result in a $430.8 billion loss for the beverage industry globally. The findings come at a time when such legislation is increasingly being mooted, with an event in London showcasing some of the arguments for such a move. Read more here.

In our Tuesday news digest, we reported on Malaysia joining the Madrid System, Huawei filing a lawsuit against a rival Chinese mobile maker, POW! Entertainment hitting back over a Stan Lee IP lawsuit, Alt Legal acquiring MarkTend, and much more. Read more here.

We published both the Autumn 2019 edition of WTR, which reveals the top filers at key registries across Asia, and the eighth edition of Pharmaceutical Trademarks: A Global Guide. Read more here.

WEDNESDAY 2nd October

Anonymous street artist Banksy has opened a pop-up shop in London in response to an ongoing trademark dispute with a card manufacturer. We spoke to the attorney representing the card company, as well as other legal experts, about the strategy. Read more here.

The latest data reveals that 3,441 trademark litigation actions have been filed in the United States to date. The figures mean that 2019 is on course to represent a four-year high in filings, with the data also revealing the top plaintiffs and defendants. Read more here.

We spoke to TGI Fridays trademark lead Leanne Stendell about how she built an in-house trademark team from the ground up and the decision-making process when asked to use cease and desist letters for marketing purposes. Read more here.

THURSDAY 3rd October

US President Donald Trump had a video removed from Twitter following a report of copyright infringement. We noted that brand misuse could increase significantly during the 2020 US presidential election. Read more here.

For a number of years, Ukraine has been a hub for counterfeit goods entering Europe from Asia. We therefore spoke to a local expert to explore how rights holders can tackle the trade in fakes more effectively, and identified which physical markets they need to be policing. Read more here

FRIDAY 4th October

McDonald’s has turned to machine learning tech in a bid to personalise the brand experience. However, as we argued in our latest company data analysis, its rivals have demonstrated that personality is as powerful as technology. Read more here.

We spoke to attorneys at FisherBroyles to explore its Law Firm 2.0 model. The head of the firm’s IP practice contended that it is an approach that other firms need to adopt if they want to survive and prosper – although its widespread use would lead to questions about the training and development of young lawyers. Read more here.

A CN Tower trademark dispute, the registrability of surnames in Saudi Arabia, controversy following a trademark being refused registration at the UK Intellectual Property Office, brands being urged to encourage voter registration, and much more, featured in our Friday news digest. Read more here.

Plus, we published 10 Legal Update articles, examining key trademark decisions from across the globe:

  • CJEU: bad faith must be assessed at the time of filing of the trademark application (European Union). Read more here.
  • Trademark owners beware: domain name registration may be justified by previous distribution relationship (International). Read more here.
  • Multiple types of evidence needed to prove bad faith in opposition proceedings (Canada). Read more here.
  • VEGA ONE v VEGAS: word elements almost always win (European Union). Read more here.
  • WESTLAKE trademark registration partly revoked (Ireland). Read more here.
  • WIPO becomes first non-Chinese entity to administer ‘.cn’ domain name disputes (China). Read more here.
  • Porsche loses design protection for its latest 911 (European Union). Read more here.
  • General Department of Customs strengthens border control to tackle fraud related to origin of goods (Vietnam). Read more here.
  • Serbia’s draft Trademark Law – what you need to know (Serbia). Read more here.
  • adidas’ Telstar football registered as 3D mark (Bolivia). Read more here.

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