Take a few minutes to help WTR identify the current state of the trademark industry

Trademark professionals are being urged to participate in WTR’s annual Global Trademark Benchmarking Survey in an effort to get an accurate picture of the industry. The short survey is free to enter and will take less than 10 minutes, and is designed to give brand practitioners – both in-house and at law firms – the opportunity to share their opinion on the industry and predictions for the future.

In last year’s edition of our survey, we revealed how stretched budgets at in-house trademark departments had impacted law firm relationships – and how the covid-19 pandemic had radically shaped corporate brand strategies for most IP professionals. One year on, then, we are asking the trademark community to have their say on the current state of the industry.

There is no cost for participating in the survey, and any views that you supply will be used only to build up a general picture of the state of the market (your responses may therefore be used anonymously in editorial, but will not be attributed to you, and your information will not be used for any commercial purpose). Completion of the survey should take no more than 10 minutes, with optional opportunities to share comments. The results will be presented in an upcoming WTR Special Report.

The survey form can be accessed here.

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