Supreme and adidas revealed as most counterfeited fashion brands

A survey on the self-described “world’s largest replica discussion board” has revealed insights into the demographics, habits and brand affinity of those who regularly buy fake goods. Of the brands most often purchased by regular fashion fake buyers, streetwear label Supreme came out as the top choice of a pool of 1,100 respondents, with 149 listing it as their most purchased replica brand. In second place was adidas (114), with Stone Island (78), Off White (70), Palace (64), Nike (61), Gosha (30), Yeezy (28), Gucci (25) and Champion (21) making up the rest of the top 10. 

The survey was conducted among users of Reddit’s Fashion Reps forum. At the time of writing there are 172,257 subscribers to this, with content primarily made up of reviews and photos of newly purchased counterfeit goods, along with requests for advice as to how to effectively purchase fakes. When users were asked if they wear fake clothing regularly, the vast majority answered in the positive. Just over 63% of respondents stated that they usually wear “one or two replicas” as part of their outfits. In terms of purchasing propensity, 39.4% bought counterfeit hauls every two to three months, with 13.9% purchasing one a month and 5.1% purchasing two a month.

While the survey demographics are not necessarily representative of all fashion counterfeit buyers (Reddit has a younger user base than Facebook, for example, and is more popular in Europe and the United States than Asia), it does provide important insights into those who purchase replica fashion items on a regular basis.

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