Sunrise period for '.pф' domain names to end mid-September

Russian Federation
The sunrise period for the registration of '.pф' domain names is due to end on September 16 2010. 

A priority reservation period for government authorities took place from November 25 2009 to March 25 2010. Subsequently, trademark owners whose marks contained Cyrillic characters were able to apply for the corresponding domain name from March 25 to May 12 2010.

On May 12 2010 registration became available to all trademark owners, and on July 15 2010 several new categories of users were added:
  • owners of company names officially registered in Russia;
  • owners of geographical indications of origin;
  • non-profit organisations officially registered in Russia; and
  • owners of mass media officially registered in Russia before May 12 2010.
Trademark owners should submit their applications for priority registration together with a copy of:
  • the trademark registration certificate; and
  • the legal entity certificate or the entrepreneur registration certificate.
If the application is based on an international registration, a certificate showing that the registration is valid in Russia should be submitted as well.

It is also possible to register a domain name corresponding to a trademark that is not written in Cyrillic characters. In this case, the trademark, or part of the trademark, may be transcribed or transliterated, at the discretion of the trademark owner, into Cyrillic characters.

If a trademark includes endings such as '.ru' or '.com', or their transliteration '.ry' and '.kom', the rights holder may exclude the endings from the domain name. Spaces between word elements can also be deleted or replaced with hyphens. For example, the owner of the trademark ABCD.RU can register the domain names 'абцд.рф', 'абцдру.рф' and 'абцд-ру.рф'.

It is expected that more than 50,000 '.pф' domain names will have been registered by mid-September. In late 2010 '.pф' domain names will become available to the general public throughout the world.

Taras Kulbaba and Jelena Jankovic, PETOŠEVIC, Kiev and Belgrade

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