South Korea to open up '.kr'

South Korea

On September 18 the National Internet Development Agency of South Korea opened registrations in Latin characters directly under '.kr'. Previously, only registrations in Korean were possible directly under '.kr'.

Until November 20 2006 only government entities may register '.kr' domain names, but from November 21 2006 until January 22 2007 registrants who already have a third-level domain name (eg, '') registered before March 13 2006 may register the same domain name directly under '.kr', pursuant to a process known as grandfathering.

Landrush will take place between March 28 and April 18 2007. Registrations on a first come, first served basis will begin on April 19 2007. A local presence will be required in order to register a domain name directly under '.kr', as is the case for '' domain names.

David Taylor, Lovells, Paris

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