Singapore's '.sg' manager to accredit new registrars


The Singapore Network Information Centre (SGNIC), Singapore's government-owned '.sg' domain name space manager, has introduced a scheme to accredit a number of '.sg' registrars that will compete for business.

Currently, the SGNIC maintains the database of '.sg' domains and is the only organization that allocates them. Under the new guidelines, all accredited registrars will be able to offer domain names in any or all of the five generic top-level domains ('', '', '', '' and ''). Applications are being taken until the end of May, with organizations to be notified of their accreditation before the end of July.

The new registrars will be free to set their own fees, and their main responsibilities will be to:

  • accept and process applications for registration of domain names;

  • perform the functions of registration, modification, transfer, deletion, renewal and expiration of domain names;

  • ensure the confidentiality and security of registration information;

  • perform customer support functions;

  • maintain a reliable data backup system; and

  • implement the Singapore Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy.

Goh Seow Hiong, Rajah & Tann, Singapore

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