'.si' domain name registration rules relaxed

ARNES, the Slovenian registration authority for the '.si' country-code top-level domain, has announced its plans to amend the '.si' domain name registration rules.
Under the current registration rules, only Slovenian companies and other entities registered to do business in Slovenia (eg, attorneys and independent entrepreneurs) may register a '.si' domain name. Each registrant cannot hold more than 20 '.si' domain name registrations.
It is proposed that the new rules will become effective on October 9 2008. The main changes introduced by the new rules are as follows:
  • natural persons will be allowed to register '.si' domain names;
  • the limit of 20 domain names per holder will be abolished; and
  • foreign companies will be able to register '.si' domain names.
A domain name may comprise from three to 63 characters. Valid characters are:
  • letters of the standard Latin alphabet (A to Z);
  • numerals (0 to 9); and
  • hyphens.
Under the new rules, it will be possible to register domain names consisting only of numerals.
Currently, a domain name registration may be renewed only for a period of one year. Under the new rules, it will be possible to renew a registration for a period of up to five years.
Gregor Macek, ITEM doo, Ljubljana

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