SGNIC launches sunrise period for '.sg' 2LDs


Singapore Network Information Centre Pte Ltd (SGNIC), the domain name registry for Singapore, has launched a sunrise period for the registration of second-level domain names (2LDs) in the '.sg' country-code top-level domain. The sunrise period closes at 12 noon on November 1.

The Guidelines for Application of Second-level Domain names under the Top-level Domain of '.sg' during the Soft Launch Period set out the rules governing the general allocation and eligibility requirements for '.sg' 2LDs:

  • All individuals and entities are eligible to apply for a '.sg' 2LD.

  • Applicants who are non-resident in Singapore are required to appoint a locally registered entity as their administrative contact.

  • The applications must be submitted to SGNIC via accredited registrars.

  • All applications received during the sunrise period will be processed together as a batch. Where there are two or more applications for the same 2LD, the allocation will be determined in the following order of priority:

    • owners of word marks that are either registered in Singapore or well known in Singapore at the date of the application for the 2LD, where the mark is identical to the 2LD for which registration is sought;

    • all government organizations;

    • registrants of a third-level domain name (3LD) as at 5pm on September 6 2004, where (i) the 3LD will be valid until at least January 3 2005 and is identical to the 2LD for which registration is sought, and (ii) the main contact name is the same for both applications; and

    • other applicants.

  • Within each category of applicants, existing registrants of 3LDs as defined above have priority over new applicants and registered trademark holders have priority over holders of unregistered well-known marks.

  • Where there are two or more applicants for the same 2LD in the same category, those applicants will be invited to bid for the name in accordance with a process directed by SGNIC.

In considering whether an application for a domain name is an exact match of the applicant's trademark, SGNIC will consider the textual, word or numeric elements of the trademark.

Applications are also governed by the Domain Name Registration Agreement and the SGNIC Registration Policies, Procedures and Guidelines.

SGNIC will announce the 2LD allocations on December 20 on its website. Any member of the public may object to the allocation by January 3 2005. Disputes will be governed by the Singapore Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy and applicable rules. Where no objection is filed, the 2LD shall be activated on January 3. Applications on a first come, first served basis will be accepted from 12 noon that day.

SGNIC has, until now, only allowed registration of domain names under '', '', '', '', '' and ''.

Regina Quek and Chay Mei Ber, Tan JinHwee Eunice & Lim ChooEng, Singapore

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