Serbia launches '.rs' ccTLD


The Register of National Internet Domain Names of Serbia (RNIDS) has launched the registration of domain names in the Serbian country-code top-level domain (ccTLD), '.rs'. The code '.rs' stands for 'Republika Srbija' (the Republic of Serbia) and follows the assignment of the country code 'rs' to the Republic of Serbia by the International Organization for Standardization on September 26 2006.

The launch followed the June 2006 split of the former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia into two countries, Serbia and Montenegro. The former '.yu' ccTLD has been operated temporarily by RNIDS. Since February 29 2008 no further '.yu' domain name applications have been considered. However, all '.yu' domain names will continue to be live until at least September 30 2009. This allows a transition period for existing '.yu' names to be transferred either to '.me' (which is assigned to Montenegro) or to '.rs'.

While registration of '.rs' domain names is open to everybody, registrants of existing '.yu' or '.co.yu' domain names have the exclusive right to register the equivalent of such domain names under the '.rs' ccTLD within a six-month priority period. On September 10 2008 this priority period will lapse and unregistered '.rs' domain names with a '.yu' or '.co.yu' equivalent will be available for registration by anyone.

Registrations will be possible under the following extensions:

  • '.rs' (for all interested users);

  • '' (for business users);

  • '' (for all registered organizations);

  • '' (for education institutions);

  • '' (for citizens of Serbia);

  • '' (for the academic and research network of Serbia); and

  • '' (for state institutions).

Arbitration has been chosen as a means of alternative dispute resolution to solve any disputes arising out of the registration of '.rs' domain names. By signing the registration agreement, the registrant agrees to submit to arbitration proceedings in the event that a third party files a complaint in accordance with the Rules on Arbitration Proceedings for Settling Disputes Arising out of Registration of '.rs' Domains. The registrant also agrees to comply with a final decision resulting from any such arbitration.

David Taylor and Brechtje Lindeboom, Lovells LLP, Paris

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