Second-level domain registration reaches second stage of timetable


Public organizations, and foreign embassies and consulates in Spain may start registering domain names in the second-level domains (2LDs) of '', '' and '' from today, to be followed by companies and individuals. This follows a sunrise period for holders of existing domain names in the '.es' country-code top-level domain. During the final stage, the restricted 2LDs of '' (reserved for government departments and bodies) and '' (reserved for research or educational institutions) will be made available for registration.

The registration timetable was set out in a plan published by the Department of Science and Technology earlier this year. The plan also:

  • reduces the restrictions on registering a domain name in one of the 2LDs, compared to those surrounding registration in '.es';

  • establishes a bidding procedure for domain names with significant commercial value;

  • creates registration agents to serve as intermediaries between the Domain Name Registry and applicants; and

  • allows applications to be made electronically, in order to speed up the registration process.

The assignment of '', '' and '' domain names will take place on a first come, first served basis subject to certain restrictions. If a third party considers that its interests have been damaged by a registration, it can lodge a complaint with the registrar. If the domain name is then cancelled, the complainant will have priority of registration for a limited period.

Rosario Jimenez-Batalla, Batalla Abogados, Madrid

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