Russian individual’s Western trademark spree; Amazon annual Brand Protection Report; EU increase in intentional counterfeit purchases; and much more

Everything we covered on WTR over the past seven days – and all you need to know from the world of trademarks to set yourself up for the start of another busy week.

The Long Read

Dannemann Siemsen’s Jose Werner explains why notice and takedowns are not enough on their own and may cause more harm than good in some cases.

Monday 6 June

A new service from OpSec Security takes down over 2,500 infringing NFTs.

INTA sides with an application for COVIDIOT in an amicus brief on morality and freedom of speech.


Tuesday 7 June

Malaysia seizes over $21.4 million in counterfeit goods, the USPTO terminates Rospatent’s Patent Cooperation Treaty functions, the China National IP Administration releases its annual report on registration numbers, and much more.

EUIPO executive director Christian Archambeau meets with the Ukraine IP Office at a digital event.


Wednesday 8 June

Rights holders worried about possible attempts to hijack their brands are warned of a Russian individual filing 100 well-known Western marks.

A new study from the EUIPO reveals a significant increase in the number of young people intentionally buying counterfeit products.


Thursday 9 June

Amazon publishes its second annual Brand Protection Report, revealing takedown figures and a $900 million investment in anti-counterfeiting.

Trademarks are the most widely used IP right in the United Kingdom, according to groundbreaking UKIPO research.


Friday 10 June

Drew Hirshfield confirms his USPTO departure date, a Chinese trademark agency is fined for celebrity-related applications, INTA calls for action on fakes, and much more.

WTR Connect’s Asia Anti-counterfeiting event offers insights from the likes of Amazon, ASICS, Dyson and the LEGO Group.


Saturday 11 June

Muted brand responses to recent mass shootings in the United States offer a genuine test of whether companies can stay out of the debate at a time when consumers demand that they take a stance, argues this week’s opinion column.

WTR Special Report: Optimising law firm operations

WTR’s latest Special Report reveals the top representative filers in key jurisdictions, presents feedback from market-leading brands on what they look for in their legal partners and details key data points on trademark practice economics.

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