Roederer can continue to sell Cristal champagne in Russia

Russian Federation
On October 26 2009 the Moscow Arbitration Court reversed a ruling by the Chamber of Patent Disputes and confirmed that French champagne producer Louis Roederer can continue to sell its Cristal champagne in Russia.
Roederer obtained an international registration for its CRISTAL mark in 1949 and a national registration in Russia in 1995. Russian vodka manufacturer Soyuzplodoimport sells its vodka under the trademark KRISTAL, which was registered in Russia in 1974.

In April 2009 the Chamber of Patent Disputes ruled that Roederer’s CRISTAL mark infringed Soyuzplodoimport’s KRISTAL mark. Soyuzplodoimport also argued that Roederer’s registration for CRISTAL should be cancelled because it is confusingly similar to its KRISTAL mark. However, the chamber ruled that the period for challenging Roederer’s trademark registration - that is, five years from the date on which the registration was granted - had expired.

The Moscow Arbitration Court subsequently reversed the chamber's ruling and confirmed that the CRISTAL mark is protected in Russia.

Jelena Jankovic, PETOŠEVIC, Belgrade

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