'.ro' registry to introduce new domain name regulations


The Romanian top-level domain registrar, the National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics, is planning to introduce new regulations on the registration and renewal of '.ro' domain names. The main changes concern the validity period of '.ro' registrations and the associated fees.

Currently, '.ro' domain names can be registered for an unlimited period of time. Under the proposed changes, it will be possible to register domain names for one year only. The renewal fee will have to be paid annually or in advance to cover a period of a maximum of two years.

The holders of already registered domain names will have to renew them within three months of the publication of the new regulations, unless the domain name validity period is less than 24 months. In such case, the renewal fee will be due once 24 months have passed since registration.

The registration and renewal fees have yet to be determined, but it is estimated that the renewal fee will not exceed €10 ($14) annually. Currently, the registration fee is approximately €47 ($64) and there is no renewal fee.

Roxana Sarghi, PETOŠEVIC, Bucharest  

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