Regulation on licence, assignment, pledge and franchise agreements adopted

On March 21 2009 the Belarusian Council of Ministers adopted a new Regulation on the Registration of Licensing Agreements, Assignment Agreements, Pledge Agreements on Industrial Property Rights and Franchise Agreements.

The regulation complies with the State Measures for IP Protection for the period between 2008 and 2010, which were adopted by the council on November 21 2007.

The new regulation provides that the following types of agreements must be registered with the Patent Office:
  • licensing agreements;
  • assignment agreements; and
  • pledge agreements on industrial property rights, useful patterns, industrial designs, plants, integrated circuit topographies, trademarks and service marks.
The regulation also applies to:
  • franchising agreements; and
  • agreements licensing the use of know-how pertaining to a product or its production in any technical area.
The regulation establishes deadlines for the registration of these agreements and outlines a list of documents necessary for their registration. It also provides for the registration of licensing and other kinds of agreements on the transfer of IP rights, in accordance with:
The new regulation will replace the previous one (which was adopted on May 22 2003) and is expected to enter into force after its official publication.

Jovana Miocinovic, SD Petosevic, Belgrade

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