RegistryPro Ltd submits proposal for numeric domain names


RegistryPro Ltd, the registry responsible for the '.pro' generic top-level domain (TLD), has submitted a proposal to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers to issue numeric domain names, such as ''. In its proposal, the registry stated as follows:

"The registry has received email and phone inquiries from the public asking about the availability of domains such as '' (a local Chicago area code) and '' (requested by a member of the gaming community)."

RegistryPro launched the registration of '.pro' domain names in June 2004.

The '.pro' TLD is aimed at professionals, such as lawyers, doctors and accountants. It provides them with an additional way of distinguishing themselves on the Internet, while benefiting from a purportedly heightened level of confidentiality and security. All '.pro' domain names are issued with a digital certificate, which facilitates secure communications and transactions. In addition, applicants for '.pro' domain names must meet specific eligibility requirements and undergo a verification process.

Although '.pro' domain names were initially available to professionals based in the United States only, non-US citizens were able to register such domain names defensively, thereby allowing their desired domain name to be reserved until such time as the registry opens up the extension in other jurisdictions. Since the beginning of 2008, the '.pro' TLD has been open to professionals based in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Germany.

Initially, registration was available only at the third level under one of the following extensions:

  • '' (for law professionals);

  • '' (for medical professionals); and

  • '' (for accounting professionals).

However, registrations can now be submitted directly under the top level '.pro', provided that the registrant has registered at least two domains under two of the aforementioned second-level extensions. If an applicant does not provide services under two of the professions covered by the '.pro' extension, it can still apply for a second level '.pro' domain name if it has already registered a third level '.pro' domain name to which the second level will be pointed.

The public is now invited to submit comments on the proposal to issue numeric domain names.

David Taylor and Brechtje Lindeboom, Lovells LLP, Paris

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