Registrants get their skates on for new Icelandic language domains


The Iceland Network Information Centre (ISNIC) has launched new internationalized domain names. The ISNIC is now accepting registrations for domain names containing the letters æ, é, í, ð, ó, ö, þ, ú and ý in order to support Icelandic language domains.

Until December 31 a registration application for a domain name containing any of these Icelandic letters will be granted to the registrant holding the corresponding non-Icelandic domain name (if any), according to the following mapping:

  • æ - ae;

  • á - a;

  • é - e;

  • í - i;

  • ð - d;

  • ó - o;

  • ö - o;

  • þ - th;

  • ú - u; and

  • ý - y.

Following this sunrise period, applications will be accepted from all members of the public, regardless of previous domain name registrations.

For examples of two other countries that allow the registration of domain names containing non-roman characters, see Hungarian characters registrable in '.hu' domain names and Domain names with Danish characters now registrable.

David Taylor, Lovells, Paris

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