Protection of UEFA's IP rights increased ahead of Euro 2012

The State Department of Intellectual Property of Ukraine, in association with the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), is drafting amendments to the Law on the Organisation and Implementation of the Final Part of the European Football Championship of 2012, adopted in 2007, in order to respond to UEFA’s requirements.

UEFA has already registered over 100 trademarks in Ukraine relating to Euro 2012, which will take place in Ukraine and Poland in June and July 2012. The official logo of the tournament and the slogan 'Creating History Together' (in Ukrainian and in English) have already been registered, as well as device trademarks such as EURO 2012 and POLAND UKRAINE 2012 (for further details please see "Protection of Euro 2012 intellectual property stepped up").

A public database containing UEFA’s intellectual property in Ukraine has been placed on the website of the Ukrainian Institute of Industrial Property in order to raise awareness of the IP rights belonging to UEFA and its commercial partners.

The State Department of Intellectual Property is required to register UEFA’s IP rights within a six-month period (the trademark registration process usually lasts around one year). Moreover, an expert group has been created in order to accelerate the procedure further and reduce this period to four months.

Finally, to improve the level of protection of UEFA’s IP rights, the State Department of Intellectual Property has been organising conferences and seminars and releasing informative material.

Maya Kryvoshei, PETOŠEVIC, Kiev

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