Procedural changes for the Registry of Trademarks


The Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia, the governing corporation for the Registry of Trademarks, Registry of Patents, Industrial Designs Registration Office and Registration of Geographical Indication and Names Office, has changed its name to the Malaysian Intellectual Property Office. The change was launched by the Malaysian prime minister at the National Intellectual Property Day held on March 3 2005.

To ensure that the registrar of trademarks' records remain accurate, the registrar has recently been requiring trademark agents (i) to notify the office of any inaccurate details in applications by returning a trademark validation form as amended within a stipulated time period, and (ii) to furnish the office, on a disk or as an email attachment, with a lengthy description of goods or services as part of the verification process. This process usually takes place between one and three months after the filing of a new application for registration or an application for amendments.

The registry has also recently been requiring applicants to execute supplemental deeds of assignment to rectify errors or omissions in the deeds of assignment that have been filed with the registry for the purposes of recording assignment.

Michael Soo, Shook Lin & Bok Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur

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