‘.pro’ TLD opens up to professionals worldwide

RegistryPro Ltd, the registry responsible for the '.pro' top-level domain (TLD), has opened up the ‘.pro’ TLD to professionals around the world.
Earlier this year, RegistryPro submitted a proposal to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) requesting certain changes to the ‘.pro’ Registry Agreement. Among other things, RegistryPro proposed a deregulation of the requirements for eligibility for registration.
Initially, the ‘.pro’ TLD was available only to professionals based in the United States. Since the beginning of this year, the ‘.pro’ extension has been open to professionals based in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Germany. At first, registrations under the ‘.pro’ TLD were limited to registrations at the third level under one of the following extensions:
  • '.law.pro' (for law professionals);
  • '.med.pro' (for medical professionals); and
  • '.cpa.pro' (for accounting professionals).
In its proposal, RegistryPro requested that:
  • ‘.pro’ domain names become available to professionals around the world; and 
  • ICANN allow the registration of ‘.pro’ domain names directly under the ‘.pro’ TLD.
ICANN approved the requested changes and RegistryPro Ltd opened up the ‘.pro’ TLD to professionals worldwide on September 8 2008 (consequently, domain names such as ‘taylor.pro’ can now be registered). 
The ‘.pro’ TLD provides professionals with an additional way of distinguishing themselves on the Internet, while benefiting from a purportedly heightened level of confidentiality and security. Registrants under the ‘.pro’ TLD must be licensed professionals. Any document proving this suffices as validation of the registration request. Such a document may be a registration document for a firm or, for an individual, a professional licence.
David Taylor, Lovells LLP, Paris

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