Possibility of filing multi-class applications introduced


The Colombian government has issued a new act, Decree 19 of January 10 2012, which removed unnecessary administrative formalities and proceedings. The new decree implements provisions of the Trademark Law Treaty into the national legislation.

First, except for the renouncement of rights, no party may require the attestation, authentication, legalisation or other certification of any signatures in documents filed with the Trademark Office. 

Second, it is no longer necessary for an applicant to prove its legal existence and representation.

Third, the power of attorney should not be notarised and can refer to one or more proceedings.

Finally, applicants will be able to file multi-class applications. In a single application, it will be possible to request:

  • the registration of a trademark in different classes;
  • the recordal of the assignment of different trademarks (provided that the assignor and the assignee are the same entity);
  • the recordal of a change of name, address or domicile, or any other change affecting the ownership of different trademarks (provided that they belong to the same owner).

These provisions are not yet applicable because, under the decree, they must be regulated by the National Patent and Trademark Office. Official regulations are being prepared and will be issued shortly.

Margarita Castellanos, Castellanos & Co, Bogota

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