Peruvian Trademark Office activates online trademark filings and other digital services

  • On 10 April 2020 the PTO announced the activation of online trademark filing services
  • The PTO will start processing online applications only from 7 May 2020
  • Among other services, trademark renewal applications may be filed online during the state of emergency period


Due to the current state of emergency and mandatory isolation to avoid the spread of covid-19, the Peruvian Trademark Office (PTO) is working on improving its digital and online services.

On 10 April 2020 the PTO announced that online trademark filing services would be activated; the trademark applicant or its Peruvian legal representative shall initiate the filing on the PTO’s website. The date and time when a trademark application is filed online will determine its priority right, but only if it complies with the formal requirements established by the Peruvian legislation. Importantly, even though the PTO is accepting applications online, it will start processing those applications only from 7 May 2020 - that is, when the current suspension of the PTO’s activities due to the state of emergency comes to an end.

Additionally, the PTO has implemented the digital and online notification of certificates of trademark registration that have been filed online. Those certificates will be notified to the applicant or its legal representative using a digital signature.

Moreover, the PTO is maintaining other important online services during this period:

  • online trademark renewal applications;
  • online trademark searches (busca tu marca); and
  • online reception desk to file documents.

Importantly, even though it is possible to proceed with the filing of applications and writs, those will not be processed and/or resolved until the state of emergency comes to an end.

Arguably, the PTO should continue to resolve cases and issuing resolutions during the state of emergency and it is hoped that the PTO will change its position in this regard.

In addition, the Copyright Office has also activated online copyright applications. Such applications will be processed within 15 working days of the date on which the application has been filed. Finally, online patent searches and PCT patent applications are available at the Patent Office.

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