'Original label' aims to protect CDs from pirates and counterfeiters


The Trade Descriptions (Original Label) Order 2002, issued under Section 11 of the Trade Descriptions Act 1972, has come into force. The order enables trademark and copyright owners to protect their rights against, among other things, counterfeit and pirated compact disks and video cassettes using a single law.

As it is common for pirated compact disks and similar products to be sold in packaging identical to the original (eg, logo and pictures), the Trade Descriptions (Original Label) Order requires that original copyrighted and trademarked products bear an 'original' label. The label must comprise, among other things, the national emblem, the word 'original' and the logo of the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs. Failure to comply with the order will result in penal sanctions, as well as possible civil action.

Suaran Singh Sidhu, Skrine, Kuala Lumpur

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