Online brand protection in 2023: why trademark professionals should participate in our short survey

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, online brand protection continues to be a paramount concern for businesses and trademark professionals. To capture current trends, WTR has launched the 2023 edition of our groundbreaking survey aimed at shedding light on the current state of online IP protection.

Back in 2021, we launched the survey as a means to find out whether the migration to online shopping during pandemic-related global lockdowns had resulted in a spike in infringement and a subsequent increase in IP enforcement. We found that a majority (57%) had indeed found a rise in infringement, and  revealed that two-fifths had seen no real change. 

Two years have passed since, and the online world has continued to evolve and transform. From Meta’s continuing investments into the metaverse and the rise and fall of NFTs, to Elon Musk’s controversial acquisition of Twitter and rebrand to X. Therefore, this edition of our short survey comes at a time of change in the online space – and for that reason, the participation of trademark professionals is not just valuable; it’s essential.

By participating in this survey, trademark practitioners can contribute to a deeper understanding of digital threats – with those insights used to help identify current and new challenges, and pave the way for proactive solutions. On top of that, as readers will be well aware of, malicious actors constantly evolve their tactics, and we hope to uncover them and also discover how platforms – including marketplaces and social media platforms – are responding to these threats. Participation, then, could help fellow professionals stay ahead of the curve in combating online threats.

Filling out the survey should only take a few minutes, and all responses are handled confidentially, with only anonymised and aggregated data used in the results. Your personal details will remain undisclosed to third parties. Furthermore, participation is free.

In a digital world where threats to brand integrity are ever-present, your participation in the WTR online brand protection survey could be a proactive step towards safeguarding brands and IP rights. Therefore, don’t miss the opportunity to contribute to the knowledge pool and help shape the future of online brand protection.

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