Number of ‘.ar’ domain names limited to 200 per registrant

NIC Argentina, the registry responsible for the ‘.ar’ country-code top-level domain, has announced that it is limiting the number of domain names that any one entity can register to a maximum of 200. The new restriction will apply to domain names registered under both '' and ''. 
NIC Argentina took this decision in view of what it sees as continual abuse by a small number of registrants that register domain names for speculative purposes. This practice, in turn, limits the number of ‘.ar’ domain names available for genuine registrants.
In its decision, NIC Argentina illustrated the problem by revealing that 25% of the total number of ‘.ar’ domain names in existence had been registered by only 0.17% of the total number of registrants (884 registrants out of a total of 511,815). Moreover, this small percentage of registrants had over 200,000 domain names pending registration.
Organizations or individuals currently holding over 200 registered domain names will thus not be authorized to register any more - nor will they be able to transfer any domain names from a third party into their ownership. Eventually, they will be able to renew only up to 200 of their registered domains.  
Any person or entity wishing to hold or register more than 200 domain names will be required to send a written request to NIC Argentina explaining why it has a legitimate interest in doing this. 
Over 1.8 million domain names have been registered under '', currently making it the 12th largest extension in the world and the largest in Latin America.
David Taylor, Lovells, Paris

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