New WTR Special Report presents strategic guide to navigating Asia-Pacific

WTR’s brand-new Special Report, “Spotlight on Asia-Pacific: A guide to strategically navigating the evolving landscape”, is available to subscribers from today.

Businesses cannot ignore the Asia-Pacific region, but it is so vast and diverse – each jurisdiction with its own set of nuances and issues – that keeping up can be a challenge.

This report examines the latest filing trends, legal updates and policy changes, before providing practical insight from people on the ground.  

We start by analysing trademark filing activity. While WIPO data shows that the Madrid System is growing in popularity, application numbers at five major registers – Australia, China, India, Japan and South Korea – show that activity is slowing and even reversing a long-term trend of growth.

We also unveil the owners of the 50 biggest trademark portfolios in these jurisdictions. Johnson & Johnson features consistently in the Asia-Pacific Trademark 50 and Tencent takes the top spot in the China Trademark 50.

In terms of enforcement, countless developments have been underway. India, Japan and South Korea have made headlines with notable litigation cases involving well-known companies. On the heels of landmark cases, China has updated its substantive and procedural law and expects more to come following proposed amendments to the Trademark Law. Although change is slower in Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam are making strides in bringing infringers to justice, even as these bad actors shift their activity online.

Meanwhile, local IP offices have introduced innovative tools and services to better serve their users and educate the wider public.

Doing business in Asia can be tricky. Those that have done it right have seen immense gains in brand value. We hear firsthand from multinationals on their experiences setting up IP teams in Asia and why one Chinese company looked beyond its home country for IP talent.

For those seeking local counsel, private practice expertise is widely available and India may soon see international law firms set up base too. For enforcement assistance, regional associations, including the Quality Brand Protection Committee in China, should be kept on quick dial.  

The Asia-Pacific brand protection landscape is ever-evolving. Developments in trademark prosecution, enforcement and collaboration are occurring at different paces everywhere. Our Special Report provides a starting point for businesses seeking a head start on their expansion plans and an update on what has been happening for those already in the region.

WTR is immensely grateful to Clarivate for providing the filing data for Australia, China, India, Japan and South Korea, as well as the Asia-Pacific and China Trademark 50 sections.

“Spotlight on Asia-Pacific: A guide to strategically navigating the evolving landscape” is available to WTR subscribers here and in our Reports Centre.

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