New trade name for Armenian brandy approved

On May 20 2010 the Armenian government approved the name Arbun as the new trade name for Armenian brandy. Brandy production is a major part of Armenia’s economy - Armenian brandies are exported to over 20 countries, the Russian market being the largest.

The labels on bottles of Armenian brandy will bear the words 'Brandy' and 'Arbun' for a period of five years from the coming into force of the government's decision to allow customers to get used to the new name. Previously, Armenian brandy was marketed under the name Armenian cognac. However, this practice was stopped by the European Union, which recognized that the name Cognac may be used only for brandy produced in the Cognac area of France.

The government's decision is in line with Armenia’s commitments under a number of international agreements.

Hrant Bagratian, the former prime minister of Armenia and the former vice president of the Yerevan Brandy Company, stated that Armenians are allowed to produce cognac since the French law on brandy was adopted in 1909, while Armenians started making brandy in 1887.

Tigran Sargsyan, Armenia’s current prime minister, explained that the word 'Arbun' comes from the Armenian verb 'arbetsnel', which means “to make somebody tipsy or drunk”. He stressed that this word was chosen following discussions with specialized organizations and other interested parties.

Aleksandra Noveska, PETOŠEVIC, Skopje

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