New team steps up to tackle IP rights enforcement


The president of the Republic of Indonesia has issued Decree 4/2006 Regarding the Establishment of the National Team to Control Intellectual Property Rights Infringements.

The decree is designed to (i) enable the national team to coordinate with other relevant institutions to deal with IP rights infringements in Indonesia, and (ii) settle any matters arising during the tackling of IP rights infringements. The team is directly responsible to the president and must furnish a written progress report every six months or whenever required by the president.

The team has the following obligations under the decree:

  • to prepare a national policy for dealing with IP rights infringements;

  • to determine what steps Indonesia must take to curb IP rights infringements, including how the law should be enforced and the obligations of each relevant institution;

  • to coordinate with the relevant institutions, departments and the public regarding IP rights education; and

  • to organize and increase bilateral, regional and/or multilateral cooperation in order to overcome IP rights infringements.

The team will be assisted by advisers appointed by the chairman who will also decide their terms of service. According to the decree, the advisers are required to provide suggestions, advice and recommendations to the team. If necessary, the chairman may also appoint a working committee and regulate the internal rules within the committee.

Following the decree's promulgation, all the projects started by the previous team must be delivered to the new team so that it can follow these projects through.

Norma Mutalib and Galinar Kartakusuma, Makarim & Taira S, Jakarta

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