New rules on registration of IP rights with Customs to come into force


The State Customs Service of Ukraine has announced that Order No 1034/21346 of the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance dated June 22 2012 is due to come into force in the near future.

This order, which is entitled “Order on the authorisation of the procedure of Customs registration of legally protected IP rights assets”, will remove the obligation to pay a deposit in the amount of €1,000 in order to register IP rights with Customs. Under the new order, deposits that have already been paid will be returned to the IP right holders.

Nevertheless, IP rights holders are advised that, until the new order comes into force, Regulation No 622 of the Ukrainian Cabinet Council of April 13 2007 and Order No 1762 of the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance of December 28 2011, under which it is necessary to pay a €1,000 deposit, are still applicable.

Natalia Storozhuk, Gorodissky & Partners, Moscow

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