New prosecutor's office may help to cure drug counterfeiting

A new Prosecutor's Office for Medical, Pharmaceutical and Hygiene Issues has been established. The creation of the new office is of particular interest to mark owners as it will be responsible for, among other things, the prosecution of parties involved in the counterfeiting of pharmaceuticals.

The office was set up as part of Iran's move towards specializing its enforcement bodies and courts with the aim of making them more efficient. The office will help to ensure that (i) those responsible for infringing pharmaceutical trademarks are prosecuted as quickly and efficiently as possible, and (ii) infringement cases are heard by specialized judges.

It is hoped that the office will give pharmaceutical mark owners greater opportunity to enforce their rights against counterfeiting and forgery in Iran. Indeed, feedback so far has been very positive. When requested, the office has been able to collect and secure evidence relating to a seizure of counterfeit goods within a few days.

Mohammad Badamchi, HAMI Legal Services, Tehran

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