New practice for service of documents announced


The Nigerian Trademarks Registry has announced a new practice in relation to the recording of the address for service. In circumstances where a party involved in trademark proceedings has failed to update registry records as to the relevant address for service, and the present address is well known, the registry will now ensure service on the new address, despite not having been specifically updated on record.

This practice makes it difficult for service to be avoided through negligence to update appropriately records at the registry.

Section 15(1) of the Trademarks Regulations, which requires an address for service to be provided by applicant agents or registered proprietors is to be updated in order to facilitate service.

In other news, a new Trademarks Journal has been released in Nigeria. The document was released on July 14 2006, and is dated June 29 2006. The two-month opposition period expires on August 29 2006, despite the delay in release. All interested parties may file oppositions within this period.

This is the first Trademarks Journal to be published this year.

Folasade Laniyan, Jackson Etti & Edu, Lagos

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