New Intellectual Property National Policy to create more competitive and innovative nation

  • INDECOPI has begun work on Intellectual Property National Policy
  • It is working with several public and private entities and consulting with WIPO
  • Policy aims to make intellectual property a necessary competitive instrument for Peru’s social and economic development


The National Institute for Defence against Unfair Competition and Intellectual Property (INDECOPI) has begun work on the Intellectual Property National Policy (PNPI), in conjunction with several public and private related entities and in consultation with WIPO.

The main objective of the PNPI is to make intellectual property a necessary competitive instrument for the social and economic development of the country through the use of knowledge and creativity and by increasing productivity and innovation.

Another objective of the PNPI is the correct understanding of the related laws, their enforcement and compliance with the legislation.

The creation of this policy was announced in November 2018, and it is expected to be approved and concluded in the first trimester of 2019. INDECOPI has signed a memorandum of understanding with WIPO in order to create and develop this key policy, as well as with other international institutions such as the European Patent Office.

On 28 and 29 January 2019 meetings took place at INDECOPI in order to discuss information and establish guidelines for the elaboration of the PNPI.  The meetings were attended by the designated group from INDECOPI, led by its President Ivo Gagliuffi and Maria Fernandez, a WIPO consultant. Representatives from the Ministries of Production, Commerce and Culture also participated in the meeting, as well as representatives from several national institutions and universities. Members of the International Trademark Association also attended.

For Peru, the creation of the PNPI is welcome as it will promote respect for and the value of intellectual property, allowing it to be used as an important tool for the development and competitiveness of the country.

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