New domain registration system signals new competitive era

New Zealand

InternetNZ, the non-profit society that administers the '.nz' namespace, is in the midst of implementing a competitive registration system. The new system will encourage the entry of new registrars into the market, each providing competing '.nz' domain name registration services.

Under the previous system, Domainz (created by InternetNZ) both maintained the '.nz' domain register and provided registration services. The new system will separate the functions of registry and registrar, enabling new market players to come on board and eliminate Domainz's registration monopoly. A registrant will no longer interact directly with the domain name registry (which will be run by a new company), but will contract for the services of a registrar which will maintain the registrant's entry in the register.

The changes follow similar international developments and are consistent with InternetNZ's desire to "promote the competitive provision of internet access, services and facilities in an open […] environment."

Simon Jenkins, Russell McVeagh, Auckland

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