New customs legislation comes into force

Russian Federation

Russia has amended Federal Law No 311-FZ “On Customs Regulations in the Russian Federation” of November 27 2010. The new Federal Law No 73-FZ, adopted on April 6 2015, entered into force on May 8 2015.

The amendments concern the rules governing the entrance of protected IP rights into the customs register.

Under the previous version of the law, IP rights were entered into the register only if the IP rights holders provided a written liability declaration that they would provide compensation for any damage suffered by the declarant, owner or recipient of the goods, or other specified parties, due to the unjustified suspension of the goods. However, the rights holders were only entitled, but not obliged, to submit the bank insurance contract covering their liability for any property damage caused to the abovementioned parties.

Under the new rules, the protected IP rights will be entered into the customs register only under the condition that the rights holders submit the relevant bank insurance contract. The sum insured should amount to at least €5,230 ($5,620).

Olga Chekanova, PETOŠEVIĆ, Moscow

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