New Customs Law comes into force

The new Serbian Law on Customs, which replaces the 2003 law, has been enacted. The new law was published in the Official Gazette (18/2010) on March 26 2010 and came into force on April 3 2010. It will apply from May 3 2010.
With respect to border measures, the only change concerns the time limit for filing a lawsuit when Customs has seized goods suspected of being counterfeit. The term is now 10 working days (extendable by another 10 days), as opposed to 15 calendar days (extendable by another 15 days) under the 2003 law.
The provisions of the 2003 law which allow Customs to detain goods suspected of being counterfeit and outline the basic procedure for detention remain the same.
In this respect, the detailed procedure for the detention and destruction of goods is regulated by the Customs Decree. A new Customs Decree is due to be enacted by November 3 2010. It is hoped that the new decree will introduce the possibility of destroying counterfeit goods without a court order, not only when the infringer explicitly consents to it, but also when the infringer does not object to it. This option already exists in neighbouring countries, including Macedonia and Croatia.
Gordana Pavlovic, Cabinet Pavlovic, Brussels and Belgrade

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