National trademark applications now published for opposition


On January 17 2012 the Kosovo Intellectual Property Office issued its seventh Official Bulletin, the first to include national trademark applications published for opposition, under the provisions of the new trademark law of September 2011. This bulletin also includes Serbian trademarks refiled in Kosovo.

The previous six bulletins included Serbian trademark re-registrations only.

Apart from the Serbian re-registrations, during the one-year revalidation period that started on November 19 2007, when the Kosovo Intellectual Property Office started operations, it was also possible to refile pending Serbian trademarks. These trademarks will be treated in the same manner as national trademark applications, while the Serbian priority will be kept. Thus, these trademarks will also be subject to opposition.

An opposition notice may be filed with the Kosovo Intellectual Property Office within three months of the publication date.

Jelena Jankovic, PETOŠEVIC, Belgrade 

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