MyIPO introduces IP Official Journal


The Malaysian Intellectual Property Office (MyIPO) is introducing an IP Official Journal, which will allow the publication of patents, trademarks, industrial designs and geographical indications online.

A briefing was held at MyIPO on May 23 2012 to present the features of the new system to representatives of the various trademark agents. The online journal has yet to be launched, but trademark owners can get a feel of what the journal will look like on MyIPO's dedicated portal. The IP Official Journal will have the same legal effect as the Government Gazette.

What is unique in this system is that it includes a “promotions” feature, which will enable trademark owners to advertise their products or services on the website.

It remains to be seen whether the printed version will continue to be published after the introduction of the electronic publication.

Janet Toh Yoong San, Shearn Delamore & Co, Kuala Lumpur

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