Multi-class trademark applications now accepted in Indonesia


As of March 16 2007 the Indonesian Trademarks Office has been accepting multi-class trademark applications. The change in procedure will have a number of effects, including the following:

  • Multi-class applications: One application can now cover up to three classes and only one set of documentation is required.

  • Examination: Depending on the particular classes selected, an application covering three classes may need to be considered by three separate teams of examiners. As a result, delays are likely to occur in the examination of multi-class applications.

    It should be noted that if the Trademarks Office raises an objection in relation to one class, the entire application will be delayed pending resolution of the objection.

  • Renewals: At this stage, it is not possible to file multi-class renewal applications. Existing registrations in respect of identical marks in different classes cannot be combined upon renewal.

While for many brand owners the ability to file multi-class applications will be seen as a welcome change in practice, it is strongly recommended that, given the possibility of delays in examination, pre-filing searches should be undertaken to identify any likely citations.

Trademark owners should consider continuing to file single-class applications in cases where problems are likely to arise in relation to at least one of the classes, or, in any event, where it is critical that the application proceed through examination as quickly as possible.

Sara Holder, Rouse & Co International, Jakarta

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