More resellers for '.my'


The Malaysian Network Information Centre (MYNIC) has appointed 11 more resellers under its recently introduced Reseller Programme to market and increase distribution channels for domain names ending in '.my'. The programme, which commenced in September 2001, has now seen 19 resellers appointed by the MYNIC.

The MYNIC was designated as the country-code top-level domain manager in 1987 and has been involved in the registration of domain names, and the maintenance and operation of a domain name registry in Malaysia ever since.

The appointment of resellers provides customers with an easier and more convenient way of registering domain names, as resellers are located throughout the country. It is also hoped that with the introduction of the Reseller Programme, the registration process can be completed in a shorter space of time.

For a full discussion of the provisions of the Reseller Programme, see Malaysia's domain registration system is revamped.

Haslyna Hashim, Azmi & Associates, Kuala Lumpur

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