Montenegro and Kosovo revalidation deadlines extended

The deadline for the revalidation of Serbian IP rights in Montenegro has been officially extended to May 28 2009, while the deadline for Kosovan revalidations has been extended to November 19 2008. 
The Decree Amending the Law on Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement in Montenegro was adopted on October 31 2008. The decree extended the deadline for the revalidation of Serbian IP rights in Montenegro for another six months (ie, until May 28 2009) - that is, one year after the Montenegro Intellectual Property Office became operational (for further details please see "Montenegro Intellectual Property Office to open").
Originally, Serbian patent, trademark and design applications which were pending when the office began its operations (ie, on May 28 2008) had to be re-filed in Montenegro by November 28 2008 to maintain the priority date of the Serbian filing.
Serbian registrations continue to be valid in Montenegro until their expiration date, without the need for re-registration. Although re-registration is not mandatory, IP rights holders are advised to apply for a certificate of registration to document their rights in Montenegro. The Montenegrin certificate of registration will be needed during enforcement procedures. 
In addition, the deadline for Kosovan revalidations has officially been extended to November 19 2008. The original deadline was October 1 2008. 
The revalidation deadline does not apply to international registrations designating Serbia. The Kosovo Intellectual Property Office does not impose a deadline or a specific revalidation procedure for such international registrations. However, IP rights owners are advised to file international registrations as national trademarks, claiming the priority enjoyed in Serbia.
Jasna Jusic and Kujtesa Nezaj, SD Petosevic, Podgorica and Belgrade

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